Whether you’re looking at Planer/Molders, Drum Sanders or 4-Sided Molders, these are the crucial factors that make Woodmaster your best choice.


True Variable Feed Rate —Woodmaster’s Industry-Best Secret Weapon

Many claim their machines have variable feed. But all too often this means either you have a choice between two fixed feed rates, or you have variable feed only at high feed speeds. Only Woodmaster gives you true, infinitely variable feed from 0 up to 34 fpm. You can cut really deep molding patterns impossible on other machines costing 20 times as much…take it slow and easy on knotty woods…or speed up for straight-grain woods. And, just a twist of the dial lets you pick the perfect feed speed for any sanding job. It’s true variable feed, it’s the Woodmaster Advantage.


Made in the USA – Built in the Heart of the Heartland

Now more than ever it just feels better to spend your hard-earned money with companies that have kept faith with the American working man. When you bring a Woodmaster into your shop you’re also doing your part to support hard-working Americans just like yourself. Are there overseas components in the Woodmaster? Yes, just like in your Chevy or Ford. But most major components, including the motors, are Made in the USA….and every Woodmaster is 100% assembled in the USA. And because these components are on the shelf in Kansas City, on the rare occasion you need a part, it’s right here – no need to wait weeks for parts to arrive from Asia or Europe. That’s a huge part of the Woodmaster Advantage.


Customized to Your Needs and Specs – No Cookie Cutters Allowed

At Woodmaster, we’re committed to offering you machinery that will exactly meet your specific needs, whether you’re a high-end hobbyist, large custom shop, or somewhere in between. That means we’ll tailor the machine we offer you to your needs. If there are items you don’t need, we’ll pull them off. If you have special needs — like extra power for big moldings, or three phase, or 50 hertz — we’ll custom tailor the machine. There are no cookie cutters at Woodmaster and that’s a huge part of the Woodmaster Advantage.


This is All We Do – In-House Experts to Help You Every Step of the Way

Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience with Woodmaster equipment. That means you get straight-forward answers and common-sense tips from experts who know our machines inside and out. This level of expertise is simply unavailable from fat-catalog companies selling hundreds of different machines, and it’s a huge part of the Woodmaster Advantage.


The Human Touch — When you call Woodmaster a human being answers and helps get you to the right place.

Our sales-people are on salary — not commission — which means they’re not trying to make a “quick sale.” They give you good honest information to help you find the right machine for your needs. If things get busy, there’s a good chance you’ll place your blade order with our owner. With Woodmaster you get best-in-class machinery – and the most old-fashioned, hands-on service.


Longest Tradition and Strongest Warranty

Woodmaster’s founder, John Miller, comes from a family that’s been making this same type of equipment since 1929 — nearly five generations. That means we take a long view of this business, and this translates to backing Woodmaster equipment with the industry’s longest and strongest warranties. Every new Woodmaster comes with an unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 5-Year Limited Warranty. We can back these machines like this because we have total faith in them. It’s part of the Woodmaster Advantage.