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Traditional Woodworker says, “I DON’T USE DETAILED PLANS.”

Published on December 13, 2014

Traditional Woodworker says, “I DON’T USE DETAILED PLANS.”

David with his WoodmasterWoodmaster owners come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all skill levels, and with every imaginable form of training. We recently spoke with David Huneycutt, woodworker from North Carolina. He learned his craft and honed his impressive skills with traditional, “old school” training. Now that he’s retired, he’s keeping his skills sharp making hand made furniture with his Woodmaster Molder/Planer.

Huneycutt Letter

“I’ve always been a woodworker — never a job, always a passion. I had an ‘old school’ woodworking teacher who taught me to build things as they were done in the 19th Century, things like hand-cut dovetails. My grandfather was a cabinetmaker and I have his old machines and tools, like his old Delta radial arm saw from the 1920’s.

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David, Doctor, DeskNow that I’m retired (for the second time!), I make furniture for my family and friends. Tables, desks, clocks, entertainment centers, and more. I do it because I enjoy it, not for money. And I enjoy keeping up the skills I learned as a young man.

Old school woodworker & traditional craftsman

I think of myself as a traditional style craftsman. I build furniture by hand and it’s always an interesting challenge. I don’t use detailed plans. I do sketches and get basic measurements of height and width, the size of the drawers, how tall sections should be. It’s always a work in progress. Sometimes there are design changes. It’s an ongoing process when you’re building from scratch!

The desk in the photo has no screws. It’s all wood joinery except for some staples in the back. There are sliding dovetails in the door partitions and hand-cut dovetails on the door front and desktop. I built in hidden drawers, too.

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I have a 12” Model 712 Woodmaster Molder/Planer with a Pro Pack. That gives me four functions in one machine. The Pro Pack lets me set it up as planer, a molding cutter, a ripsaw, and a drum sander. The Drum Sander head is very helpful on small parts because I can sand them down to 1/64 of an inch.

PastedGraphic-2I saw a demonstration of the Woodmaster on YouTube and it looked like something I’d like to have. I do a lot of picture framing and I thought it would make picture frame material easily. I started investigating and found Woodmaster is economically feasible. It’s something a person doing the kind of work I do can afford. Some machines are $10,000 and much more. My Woodmaster was far less expensive.

“When I need a custom molding knife, Woodmaster makes it”

The other thing that attracted me was Woodmaster’s custom profile knife service. I need molding from time to time to match old trim. If I need a custom profile, Woodmaster makes a knife to match it.

“Buy 1 machine instead of 4”PastedGraphic-1

If anyone’s thinking of getting a Woodmaster, here’s my advice to getting the right tool for the job. Look at the cost of your investment. Pair that with your need and the flexibility of the machine. Woodmaster does a variety of jobs. You have the flexibility to change functions so you can buy one machine instead of three or four.

I’m totally satisfied. I’ve used a lot of equipment and I’ve never seen one that can cut molding in one pass like my Woodmaster can. I don’t even have to sand the molding the Woodmaster makes because the Variable Feed Rate feature lets me run molding with thousands of cuts per inch. The Variable Feed Rate is a huge advantage — the only sanding I do is ‘breaking’ the corners of picture frames with 220 grit sandpaper.

Customer Service? Excellent

David and DeskWoodmaster Customer Service is great, excellent. They even know which profiles I’ve ordered. When I first got the machine, I called and the first person talked to knew exactly what I was talking about and exactly what I needed to understand.

I don’t have to call them – the machine is of such quality I don’t have breakdowns. The way I operate, I have no need for maintenance. The Woodmaster is excellent quality, easy to operate and understand. It’s very powerful, and it’s designed with woodworker in mind.

People like myself, doing the kind of woodworking I do, can use a machine like this to make their lives easier, produce better work, gain flexibility and versatility, and at a reasonable price. It’s a great machine to have.”

— David Huneycutt, Woodmaster Molder/Planer Owner, North Carolina

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(Editor’s Note: After we posted David’s story, he corrected one point we reported inaccurately: he hand-cut dovetails on the drawer partitions and drawers sides, not on the door partitions. Sorry for the error!)


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