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TOP 10 THINGS you can do with a Woodmaster Molder/Planer

Published on December 13, 2017

TOP 10 THINGS you can do with a Woodmaster Molder/Planer

Hey, woodworkers! Ever wonder what YOU could actually do with a Woodmaster Molder/Planer? Here are the TOP 10 THINGS Woodmaster Owners are doing right now, right in their shops.

1. TURN ROUGH-SAWN BOARDS INTO HIGH-VALUE, LIVE-EDGE  LUMBER for countertops, tables, and more. Jared Coldwell actually gets paid twice by turning waste wood into lumber. Read Jared’s story here.


2. WORK PART TIME AND EARN up to $100 AN HOUR like Larry (left) and Chris Perkins are doing in their Ohio shop. “Keeping costs low is our strategic advantage,” says Chris. Read the Perkins’ story here.


3. BUILD YOUR OWN HOME like Eli and Kaylina Phoenix did “with a Woodmaster, a TimberKing sawmill, and His help!” Read Eli and Kaylina’s story here.


4. RESTORE AN OLDER HOME into a showplace and “make money 3 times over,” says inn owner, Jim Magrone. Read Jim’s story here.


5. GET 4 KEY WOODWORKING MACHINES IN 1 — molder, planer, sander, saw. Paul Mayer gets “big shop capabilities in just 9 square feet.” You can, too! Read Paul’s story here.


6. MAKE A MILLION WOODEN TOYS for the grandkids or for sale! Dale Hellewell’s doing this and a whole lot more. Read Dale’s story here.


7. MAKE MILES OF CURVED MOLDING right in your shop. Master woodworker, Gary Striegler, shows you exactly how to do it with a Woodmaster Molder/Planer. Watch Gary’s video here.


8. START AN ONLINE PICTURE FRAME BUSINESS IN YOUR GARAGE like Tom Bardwell did. It’s a thriving niche business his whole family is involved in. Read Tom’s story here.


9. START A PROFITABLE MOLDING BUSINESS like Dave McPherson (left) did. Remarkably, Dave bought his Woodmaster “by accident” and the rest is Woodmaster history! Read Dave’s story here.


10. STAY BUSY, PRODUCTIVE, AND HAPPY IN RETIREMENT as Abe Taylor’s doing. “I can’t stand sitting around just watching TV,” says Abe. Read Abe’s story here.


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