CURVED MOLDING JIG Fits Models 718, 721 and 725

List Price: $275.00

  • Make highest-profit CURVED molding easily. If you’re ready to get right down to the business of making serious money in curved molding, Woodmaster’s exclusive NEW Curved Molding Jig gets you there NOW. No need to “reinvent the wheel” building your own jig.

    If you have not already received our How to Make Curved Molding DVD that came with your Woodmaster Pro-Pack, order it now and you’ll have what you need to get started right.

    Made in USA from polypropylene components, precision cut with the latest water-jet technology. Includes a pair of adjustable rails and hardware. Used to make curved or segment topped moldings starting at a 14-inch radius.

    This jig fits Woodmaster Models 718, 721 and 725, RBI 15-inch machines and Powermatic 15-inch machines. It measures 15inches wide by 33-inches long by 3/4-inch thick.

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    Plus FREE Digital Depth Scale ($87.95 Value)

    Plus FREE Premium Sandpaper (up to $288.80 Value)

    Woodmaster Drum Sanders -- Made-In-America!

    Woodmaster Drum Sanders are made in the USA and are “built like tanks” - solid as America - for years of smooth, stable performance. So smooth, in fact, you can stand a nickel on edge while the machine is sanding! We don’t cut corners or make design compromises to keep prices low. We do keep our machines simple and unfussy. Customers have compared them to old Farmall Tractors and ’57 Chevys: simple, rugged American machines that just don’t quit. Yes, you can pay less for an overseas sander, but with a Woodmaster, you’ll get far more in performance, ease-of-use and durability...and save thousands of dollars in the long run.


    True, “Bottom-Draw” Dust Collection

    captures dust before it can rotate and load sand paper. Woodmaster dust chutes are not hung from inside the hood as an engineering afterthought...they’re fully-integrated into the body of the machine, the same as you’d find on a wide-belt sander.


    Dynamically Balanced, 6-inch Diameter Steel Drums

    We do not use aluminum which is easier and cheaper to machine. Aluminum conducts and retains heat. This makes it a favorite metal for cookware, but on a sanding drum, retained heat melts glue holding the sanding grit. Also, we do not use rubber coated steel drums. We agree with Grizzly Industrial, who says this about their 24” sanders with aluminum drums – “Customers have asked us why our drums are not rubber coated. Rubber-coated drums become “spongy” and do not sand evenly or parallel to the ends.”


    Fast, Easy Paper Change-over

    made possible with Woodmaster’s hook and loop system. Compared to cumbersome spring clip methods, Woodmaster’s system eliminates stretching, creasing or creeping. Here’s what Fine Woodworking Magazine says: “Changing abrasives on the Woodmaster is a snap. Once the machine’s large cover is off, there’s plenty of maneuvering room. Changing abrasives on the Grizzly is awkward. ...of the closed-frame machines, the Woodmaster... gets my top vote. It is robustly built, smooth and quiet in operation, offers easy abrasive-strip changing, and they have a conveyor reversing switch.”


    Conveyor Reversing Switch

    Woodmaster’s infinitely variable feed system lets you add a conveyor reversing switch -- an exclusive advantage not possible with most Asian machines we know of. Eliminates hiking between infeed and outfeed. Simply flip the switch and the conveyor belt reverses. Your workpiece comes back to you as it gets another sanding pass.


    Optimum 750 RPM Drum Speed

    3-M Corp., leading sandpaper manufacturer, conducted studies and concluded that, for 6” dia. drums, 750 rpm is the optimum speed for sanding efficiency and longer paper life. Hence, all our drums turn at this recommended speed. This translates to a drum surface speed of 1,150 fpm. Taiwan sanders turn at twice this speed, which can prematurely degrade, load the sand paper, cause glazing and, worst of all, burn the work piece.


    Self-Aligning Conveyor Belts

    Woodmaster belts use trapezoid-shaped infeed conveyor rollers and are engineered to be self-aligning. Our large, 4” dia. rollers are nearly twice the diameter of Taiwan rollers. This means you get twice as much traction – perfect for aggressive sanding and large, heavy work pieces.


    First Drum Can Be Operated Independently of Rear Drum

    Only Woodmaster offers dual drum sanders that let you operate one drum independently of the other. It's all done with the simple turn of a lever. No other sanders offer this critical advantage! You save valuable fine grit paper by raising the outfeed drum when making multiple passes with heavy grit paper. An easy task with Woodmaster...impossible with other sanders.


    USA Craftmanship

    AMERICAN workers hand-assemble every Woodmaster. Your drum sander is built the way machinery used to be built – heavy, solid, true, simple, overbuilt to last. We build ‘em right here in Kansas City, USA. When you call, you’ll talk with a real person right in KC – folks who earn a wage running and/or assembling our machines. That’s why we put a 5-Year Limited Warranty on every Woodmaster.


    60-Day Free Trial & 5-Year Limited Warranty!

    You take no risk! When you equipment arrives, put it through its paces for two full months. Really work it. Like it? Keep it. Don't like it? Return it and we'll issue a prompt refund.


  • 60-Day RISK-FREE MONEY-BACK Trial OfferTry your Woodmaster equipment for 60 days in your shop, as often and hard as you like. If you’re not entirely pleased within that time, simply notify us and return it for a full refund.
    5-Year Limited WarrantyWe’ve carefully inspected your Woodmaster equipment and attachments. We will, at any time within 5 years from date of delivery, repair or replace (our option) any part which is defective in materials or workmanship.
    5-Year Limited Warranty on MOTORS, too!Our machine warranty covers the motor, too. NO OTHER MANUFACTURER gives you this money-saving benefit!
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