Sander Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it can. To be conservative, let’s say your labor costs are $15 an hour and you average 2 hours a day in sanding time.

We multiply that hourly rate by 1.5 to cover benefits, insurance, taxes, etc. and we get $22.50 an hour actual costs. That, times 2 hours a day, means you’re spending $45 a day on sanding. Multiply that by 250 working days a year, and that means you’re spending $11,250 a year on sanding.

According to industry estimates, a drum sander can cut sanding time by as much as 90%…so you’ll spend only 10% of the $11,250 labor cost, or just $1,125!

That means you save $10,125 a year in labor costs, money that goes right to your bottom line! That savings translates to $843.75 a month…three to four times the monthly payment on a Woodmaster Drum Sander!

Because you get more! In sanding, the difference between superior performance and absolute failure is a matter of only a few thousandths of an inch. This is no place to cut corners! When you compare equipment, you’ll see that Woodmaster sanders are heavy-duty, precision machines built for years of trouble-free performance. No wonder Fine Woodworking Magazine writes, “the Woodmaster gets our top vote. It is robustly built, smooth and quiet in operation, offers easy abrasive-strip changing, and they offer a reversing conveyor.”

Check these important advantages —

  • 6″ steel drums (not heat retaining, aluminum drums)
  • Commercial duty, self-tracking, 2-ply rubber conveyor belts (not single-ply belting) Conveyor roller is crowned to insure positive tracking so you won’t have to spend time with making tracking adjustments necessary on lower cost off-shore and open-end machines.
  • Conveyor rollers are 4″ diameter, twice the traction of 2″ diameter Taiwan rollers…perfect for heavy workpieces and aggressive sanding.
  • Independently adjustable infeed and outfeed drums.  A quick turn of a lever lets you use either or both drums…a Woodmaster exclusive!
  • Superior dust chute design draws dust from the bottom of the drum before it can load the sandpaper
  • Infinitely variable feed rate
  • Reversing Conveyor Control
  • Choice of sander widths from 26 to 50 inches
  • Motor options from 5HP to 10HP in either single or 3-phase.
  • Strongest warranty in the business (5 years), plus Woodmaster’s 60-Day Free-Trial Guarantee.


Woodmaster’s exclusive hook & loop covering on the steel drum allows felt-backed paper to be spiraled onto the drum without messy adhesives. The harder you sand, the tighter it grips. This same system eliminates any chance of stretching, creasing or creeping so common with nearly all other methods.

The hook & loop method is far superior to spring-loaded take-up devices. These gadgets are like closing the barn door after the horse is gone: by the time a take-up device is needed, paper has stretched and the damage is already done.

Finally, the hook & loop method not only prevents stretching, it also makes sandpaper easy to remove and reuse.

No. Felt-backed paper is made by several firms, including 3M and Norton. However, there are advantages to getting your paper direct from Woodmaster. First, because we buy large amounts of paper, we’re able to offer very competitive pricing. Second, when you buy your paper from Woodmaster you can be sure that it has been tested and approved to work well on your sander. And finally, we almost always have a variety of grits in stock for quick shipment.

By its very nature, sanding is a dusty business. For proper performance, to prevent sandpaper from loading, to keep your shop clean and to protect your health, your sander should always be operated with a dust collection system.

The Model 2675 sander requires a vacuum system pulling at least 500 cubic feet per minute at 2-inch static pressure. Woodmaster’s 3HP Dust Collection unit is ideal for this application.

The Model 3875 and Model 5075 sanders require a system that pulls at least 1,000 cubic feet per minute at 2-inch static pressure. Our Model 1033 3HP Dust Collection System is also recommended for these machines.

With cut-off blast gates carried by Woodmaster, both systems can be used for multiple tools in your shop.

Woodmaster is the only double drum machine that allows you to quickly raise the second drum out of the way (just a quick turn of a lever) until leveling & thicknessing is completed and you are ready for fine finish sanding.  You can also raise the first drum out of the way and use the second drum by itself for fine finish work.

Yes it is. We have been making top-of-the-line woodworking equipment for many years. We use the latest in modern equipment and tooling plus old fashioned craftsmanship and attention to detail. In addition you are fully protected by Woodmaster’s 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Five Year Limited Warranty.