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When you’re building a business, you’ve got to spend money to make money. A molding operation is a great way to make a living – it lets self-starters do work they enjoy while pulling down top pay.

Woodmaster’s EASY FINANCING is a great way to boot-strap your operations:

• Financing lets you start a business with someone else’s money.
• You pay in small amounts over time – a little bit each month.
• The Woodmaster will earn-as-you-go, making its own payment each month.
• The interest you pay for financing is generally tax deductible. Ask your accountant for details.
• Once you’re up and running, you can leverage your investment – still with someone else’s money.

You can get financing from a bank, but the Woodmaster Easy Payment Plan offers you several significant advantages:

• We understand the woodworking business with all its ups and downs.
• Using the WM Easy Payment Plan conserves your cash and your other lines of credit.
• We can work out terms and programs to suit your budget. Give us a call!

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