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EVEN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY this father & son team built a successful woodworking business.

Published on June 27, 2011

EVEN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY this father & son team built a successful woodworking business.

Bill and his son, Andy, have started a healthy woodworking business with the help of their Woodmaster Molder/Planer

Bill McQuatters (right) and his son Andy have started a busy and profitable business with help from their Woodmaster Molder/Planer

— And they offer to help you do the same.

While everyone thinks about the economy these days, Bill McQuatters has had to think about it in the short term and long term, too —  what could he do today that would help provide long-term financial security for his autistic son?

It’s inspiring to hear from a Woodmaster woodworker who has met and overcome significant challenges. Bill’s plan is working. His solution is a great example of the drive, ingenuity, and commitment we see in so many Woodmaster Owners.

“My son Andy and I are making a living with two Woodmaster Molder/Planers set up as gang ripsaws. We make stakes for construction, surveying, and nurseries.

“I worried about what would happen to Andy”

Andy is autistic, but I describe him as special. While I was employed, Andy went to sheltered workshops but when I retired, I kept him home with me. Keeping him busy, with a purpose, presented quite a challenge. I worried about what would happen to Andy after my wife and I die. Today, we’re building a business and a future for my son with God’s help.

“Even in today’s economy, business has just exploded.”

I cut stakes for a nursery that wanted some to hold up trees. I cut stakes for a company that makes silt fences for construction sites. Then I cut grade and flag stakes surveyors use. Even in today’s economy, business has just exploded.

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I had a table saw but it’s mathematically impossible to create enough stakes with a single-blade table saw to make any money at all. All the gang saws I’d seen were big commercial saws. Then Woodmaster came along at an incredibly reasonable price.

2,500 stakes a day…easily

I got the wide, 25” Woodmaster so I have 2 or 3 different setups at the same time. I can cut 1 x 1’s on the left, ½” lath in the middle, and 1 x 2’s on the right depending on how I space the blades. I upgraded to their heaviest motors they had for the head drive and the feed drive. We can easily produce a pallet of flags in a day – that’s 2,500 flags.

If somebody wanted to start up a stake business with a Woodmaster, I’d be glad to help them get started, sharing what works and doesn’t work from a production point of view – cutting, pointing, bundling, and shipping. I’d be delighted to do that.”

— Bill McQuatters, Andy’s Place Sheltered Workshop

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  • I am amazed at the versatility of our machines. I have the 718 and
    am finding ways to improve the way I work.
    I also can relate to Bill & Andy’s situation. A great testimony to
    Bill’s resourcefulness and God’s help.

  • Calvin Miller says:

    Please send me Bill and Andy contact information on the Woodmaster. Looking to get more information on what I should order on the Woodmaster.

    Thank You,

    Calvin Miller

    • edwardsdirect says:

      Hi Mr. Miller,
      I’ve asked people at Woodmaster to send you Mr. McQuatters’ contact info. Thanks, Steve Edwards, Editor, Woodmaster Blog

  • Brad says:

    I would like more info on how to start a business with wood master products. I would like a 25″ planer for some work I do but I would like to do something more profitable. Any tips would be great.


  • Will Johnson says:

    Hi Brad:

    Give us a call a 800-821-6651 and we can send you our guide to setting up a molding business. Also there are about 25 videos on YouTube that demonstrarte all the possibilities of the Woodmaster and may bring to mind business ideas!



  • Michael Scoggin says:

    I to am looking to start a business to suppliment my income. I am not a life long carpenter or professional. i am a civil eggineering technician. But lost my job. I have a small business i am just starting. i cut and cure wood blanks for wod turners and sell a few items i make along the way. I want to start a molding or wood sanding business but also would like to start making stakes etc.. Any thing to make it profitable. Please send me your guide and any other information you may have that will help also i have planned to buy your product for a few years niow. i have the money to buy but need to see what I really need. please send also information to contact about making stakes. Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks for the email and success story about Bill McQuatters. I bought a Woodmaster 725 over a year ago to start up a molding manufacture business. I am glad to see someone give credit to God for success. I would appreciate any advise from Bill McQuatters.
    John B. Lesley,Jr.
    Fayetteville, NC

  • Steve says:

    I would have never thought of doing survey stakes, great idea Bill! I too would also love to learn more about how he does it. Contact info or his tips would be great! Thanks!

  • Ben Thelen says:

    Hi~ Please send me the info from Bill.
    We started out with Craig’s List advertising the moulding, but people wanted to cut our already low prices to match big box stores. Interested in another angle with things. Thanks so much!

  • edwardsdirect says:

    Hi! Bill’s number is 407-921-7330!

  • edwardsdirect says:

    Isn’t that the truth! Bill’s number is 407-921-7330!

  • edwardsdirect says:

    Hi! Sounds like a great plan! Bill’s number is 407-921-7330!

  • chris perkins says:

    My father and I have a 712 and 718, we have been doing moldings for 2 1/2 years now and have done over 350,000lf and since it only has one head we have to do 2 passes on all profiles which equals 700,000lf, this is a part time job but full time income, machines do well enough to get the job done, great machine.

    • Rex Burgess says:

      Hi Chris, or anybody that can give me some insight on planing with the Woodmaster. On page 18 of the How To Set Up And Run A Profitable Custom Molding Business, it states (starting to produce molding): “Joint one edge of a board straight.” I always thought that the flat, wide surface would get planed first on one side. I’ve read that if one wide flat side isn’t flat to begin with before planing, that the opposite side, when being planed, would mirror the non-planed side and never get flat. Can anybody clear this up for me as far as planing a wide board on the Woodmaster and making it dimensionally square. Thanks for any help!

      • edwardsdirect says:

        Rex: Best bet is to give us a call at 800-821-6651. But no, if you get one side of the board flat then the other side will be flat. Picture a cupped board. You plane the convex side first until flat. Flip it, plane convex side ’til flat. Now you have a flat, dimensioned board.

  • Rod & Miriam Borrie says:

    You postedBill McQuatters article, june 27, 2011 . Could you send me His contact details, preferably email address initially as we are in New Zealand. We have an autistic son and find ourselves in a similiar situation to Bill with regard to what would happen to our son in the future.

  • matt buchart says:

    While scanning through my emails this evening I cam across the story of Bill and his son Andy. This really hit home with me because I have 2 autistic boys who are the reason why I would like to get a moulding business started. I will definitely call Bill and seek his advice, great story!

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