Make precision, deep-profile molding and plane rough cut lumber to exact thickness with a Woodmaster Planer/Molder! Our commercial-duty Planer/Molders each have a quick-change molding head that lets you create custom molding from any stock and an infinitely variable feed rate that lets you control each project for fast stock removal or fine finishes!
Choose from 3 models to find one that is exactly right for your shop and budget.

  • Order a Planer/Molder with Pro-Pack and get


    Plus $250 in FREE Molding Knives!

    (Free depot shipping to lower 48 states. Curbside,
    liftgate delivery to your home or business, just $99 more!)

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    No other molder/planer offers you anything close to the Woodmaster’s flexibility. With the Woodmaster and a Pro Pack, you’re 100% equipped to handle 4 jobs with 1 machine: molding, planing, sanding, and sawing…all with commercial-duty power and precision.



    Only Woodmaster gives you a broad (and growing!) selection of accessories that add power, value and earnings as you speed production: 3-Side Molding System lets you shape multiple sides per pass; True Spiral Cutterhead creates finest finishes; New Double Molding Knife Holder doubles molding production speed.


    VARIABLE FEED RATE is standard equipment

    Variable feed rate is a MUST — don’t let anybody tell you different. The Woodmaster comes with TWO motors so you get optimum power when and where you need it. One drives the head at a constant 4,200 rpm. The other controls the feed rate. Turn the dial and fine-tune the feed rate for perfect output every time.


    Make highest-profit CURVED MOLDING

    Any architectural element that’s curved commands top dollar. Turn out curved and elliptical window frames, door casings, and archways. It’s actually quite easy and we’ll show you how in our FREE “How to Make Curved Molding” DVD.


    Full-time, in-house KNIFE DEPARTMENT

    We manufacture the machine AND the pattern knives as your assurance of quality and fit. We create each knife with a combination of computer-controlled technology and old-world hand-craftsmanship. We have over 600 patterns to choose from PLUS we make custom knives for you: just send us a drawing or molding sample to match.


    AMERICAN Quality & Service

    Our facilities are located in Kansas City, MO, right in the center of the country. NOT in China, NOT in Taiwan. Woodmaster planers are carefully put together in the USA by American workers. We use the strongest, highest-quality materials, precisely machined, fitted, and assembled by hand with care and pride. On the rare occasion you might need a part, it’s right here in Kansas City.



    We’ve made more molder/planers than any manufacturer we know of, anywhere in the world, BAR NONE. And, thanks to over 125,000 customers, we’ll soon be celebrating our 40th year of manufacturing Woodmasters! Suggestion: when you’re shopping for a molder/planer, ask the salesperson if they build their machines themselves…how long they’ve been around…and how many machines they have in the field.



    Weighing in at as much as 808 lbs., Woodmaster is serious woodworking equipment. All that weight and mass comes from heavy cast iron and thick heavy-gauge steel that dampens vibration and provides rock-solid support for the head’s massive bearings. This is one machine that won’t “walk” around your shop!


    In-House Experts Help You Every Step of the Way

    Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience with Woodmaster equipment. That means you get straight-forward answers and common-sense tips from experts who know our machines inside and out. This level of expertise and service is simply unavailable from catalog companies selling hundreds of different machines. Plus, both our sales and service lines are TOLL FREE. So if you have a question, you won’t have to pay to get an answer!



    We want you to TRY a Woodmaster so you’ll see it’s everything we say it is and more. That’s why we offer you a no-questions-asked 60 Day RISK FREE money-back trial offer and that’s why we back every machine with our industry-leading 5-year warranty