Drum Sanders

The Woodmaster tools and accessories you need for your best craftsmanship, whether you’re a high-end hobbyist or run a large custom shop. Find what you need to accompany your Woodmaster Planer/Molder or Woodmaster Drum Sander.

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    Woodmaster Drum Sanders -- Made-In-America!

    Woodmaster Drum Sanders are "built like tanks" - solid as America - for years of smooth, stable performance. So smooth, in fact, you can stand a nickel on edge while the machine is sanding! We don't cut corners or make design compromises to keep prices low. We do keep our machines simple and unfussy. Customers have compared them to old Farmall Tractors and '57 Chevys: simple, rugged American Machines that just don't quit. Yes, you can pay less for an overseas sander, but with a Woodmaster, you'll get far more in performance, ease-of-use and durability...and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

    True, "Bottom-Draw" Dust Collection

    Captures dust before it can rotate and load the sand paper. Woodmaster dust chutes are not hung from inside the hood as an engineering afterthought...they're fully-integrated into the body of the machine, the same as you'd find on a wide-belt sander.

    Conveyor Reversing Switch

    A Woodmaster Exclusive. Your workpiece comes back to you as it gets another sanding pass. Eliminates hiking between infeed and outfeed...saves time, saves money.

    Woodmaster Exclusive Advantage!

    Only Woodmaster dual drum sanders let you sand with one drum independently of the other...all with a simple turn of a lever. In actual, day-to-day shop work, craftsmen find this one feature, alone, is worth owning a Woodmaster over any other sander!