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10 EXTRAORDINARY THINGS you can do with a Woodmaster Drum Sander

Published on August 28, 2018

10 EXTRAORDINARY THINGS you can do with a Woodmaster Drum Sander

Hey, woodworkers! Ever wonder what YOU could actually do with a Woodmaster Drum Sander? Here are 10 EXTRAORDINARY things Woodmaster Owners are making, building, and doing right now, right in their shops.

1. Turn “weed trees” into fantastic high-end furnitureMontana woodworker, Andrew Bishop, harvests noxious Russian olive trees and turns them into one-of-a-kind tables with his 50” Woodmaster Drum Sande

> Read Andrew’s story

2. Build Wooden Boats
Woodworker, John Owens, started making wooden boat parts with a Woodmaster Drum Sander. It’s turned it into a nice business.

> Read John’s story

3. Start a family woodworking businessRay Harmon worked as a designer for a high-end furniture company. Now he and his two boys have started their own family furniture building business.

> Read Ray’s story

4. Make beautiful music with a WoodmasterMusician and woodworker, John Mannino, builds premier quality acoustical guitars with his Woodmaster Drum Sande

> Read John’s story

5. Streamline a time-consuming production problemArt Blackwelder solved a time-consuming production problem with his Woodmaster. Face-sanding aluminum and bronze castings makes the letters really stand out. Fast, easy, professional.

> Read Art’s story

6. Build a regulation-size pool table

“I’m a self-taught woodworker,” says Chuck Phelps. “I recently built my biggest, most difficult project, a 4’ x 8’ pool table. Couldn’t have done it without my 38” Woodmaster Drum Sander.”

> Read Chuck’s story

7. Stay BUSY and HAPPY in retirement“So many people retire and have nothing to do,” says John Leipen. “My wife and I run our own retirement woodworking business, and business is great. Every day’s different and we love it!”

> Read John’s story

8. Do a day’s worth of sanding in 15 minutes“My Woodmaster Drum Sander is a Godsend. It’s saved me literally days of hand sanding. Cabinetmakers spend 60% of their time hand-sanding. I can do in 15 minutes what would take me a full day to hand sand.”

> Read Jeff’s story

9. Build a 13,000 square foot home

“Our home is 13,000 square feet. There are 76 interior doors, four kitchens, a dozen bathrooms, miles of molding, and more. Buying the millwork alone would have busted the budget so I got a Woodmaster…”

> Read Charles’ story

10. Make outstanding Adirondack-style furniture“I run an internet-based woodworking business manufacturing rustic, Adirondack-style furniture with my Woodmaster. My customers include hotels, restaurants, celebrities, decorators, even a major celebrity.”

> Read Richard’s Story

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