Since 1980, Woodmaster Tools has sold over 100,000 Molder/Planers and Drum Sanders across America and around the world.

Woodmaster founder and CEO, John Miller, learned the shop-tool business as part of the family that founded the venerable Belsaw Machinery Company in 1929.

"It's such a great heritage," Miller says. "Every week we get a call from someone who's still using a Belsaw he got from his dad or granddad. I want my grand-children to get those calls from my customers' grand-children, saying their fifty-year-old Woodmaster is still going strong."

Woodmaster introduced its patented Morse-Taper Planer Head in 1983. This unique design allows woodworkers to easily change the machine from a heavy-duty planer to a precision molding machine in just minutes.

Woodmaster was the first manufacturer to introduce True Infinitely-Variable Feed for 70 to over 1,000 cuts-per-inch, and it remains the only manufacturer to offer this important feature on its Planer/Molders.

Woodmaster was the first shop tool maker to offer true Helical Carbide Planer Heads to its customers.

The latest innovation on the Woodmaster Planer/Molder is the 3-Side Molding System. This power-fed system uses two 3.5HP routers to turn the standard Woodmaster molder into a true, three-sided molding machine.


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