4 key tools in one space-saving footprint!

Woodmaster planer/molders come in three different sizes to fit the needs of any project no matter how big or small. Read the sections below to find out why these machines are the best-selling in America.

25-in. Model 725 18-in. Model 718 12-in. Model 712

Production molder!
Make precision, deep profile molding!

Quick-change MOLDING HEAD lets you create custom molding from any stock. Choose from over 600 standard trim and picture frame patterns. Duplicate virtually any pattern ever made or design your own!

precision PLANER!

Commercial-duty THICKNESS PLANER features infinitely-variable feed rate. Use higher speeds for fast stock removal – up to 50% more per pass vs. machines costing thousands more. Slow it down and take over 1,000 cuts per inch for super-fine finishes.

labor-saving drum sander!
Drum-sand W-I-D-E panels in a single pass!

Power-feed DRUM SANDER makes hand-sanding a thing of the past. Saves hours of tedious work with a hand-held sander. Speeds production, improves quality. No more waves, dips, or cross-grain scratches.

multi-blade rip saw!          Rip wide boards into precision blanks!

Multiple-blade GANG RIP SAW lets you rip boards into multiple blanks in a fraction of the time it takes for hand-held passes on an ordinary table saw. Faster, easier, and more precise.


12” Model 712     Learn More
18” Model 718     Learn More
25” Model 725     Learn More

MASSIVE Cast Iron Bearing Housings add strength and vibration-free performance.

Precision-Milled Cast Iron Bed is heavily ribbed for vibration-free support beneath cutterhead & feed rollers.

THREE Molder/Planer models — one’s exactly right for your shop & budget.

Tough 5HP &7.5HP Cutterhead Motors are 220V, single-phase, totally enclosed, USA-made. Drives the cutterhead with unstoppable power.

Rugged, Variable-Speed Gear Motor is dedicated to the feed system. Sealed for life, all-steel gears.

Heavy-Duty Construction throughout: 10-ga. steel base, 14-ga. hood, sides. Heavy steel stand included at no extra cost.

Steel Infeed & Outfeed Tables extend your work surface for stability.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Feed Rollers provide positive traction, yet won’t mar surfaces.

Solid, machined, 3-Knife Steel Cutterhead is precision-ground & balanced. Safe-Lok gib system & triple leveling screws assure perfect alignment. Planers also available with Spiral Cutterheads.

Patented Morse Taper Quick-Change Cutterhead  - Change tools & operations in 5 minutes or less with our Morse Taper self-centering system. Bearings remain factory-set at all times.

2 motors means more MUSCLE You get TWO, independent, USA MADE motors for uncompromised POWER: one motor drives the feed system and the other drives the cutterhead.

Ultra Molding Knives Precision machined from 5/16" thick M2 high speed steel with the latest computer-controlled technology, then hand-honed for premium sharpness and long life.

Infinitely Variable Feed Rate Adjust from 70 to over 1,000 cuts-per-inch with just a twist of the dial. This means you get super-smooth, chatter-free planing and molding in a single pass.

4-Machines-in-1 Flexibility You get 4 top-performing woodworking machines in one space-saving footprint: a high-speed molder, a powerful planer, a precision sander, and a labor saving gang ripsaw. ONLY the Woodmaster lets you easily switch from planing, to molding, to sawing, to sanding...AND lets you make big money on high-dollar specialty items like log-cabin siding, tongue-and-groove & curved molding.

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