TRUTH REVEALED about “Infinitely Variable Feed Rate”  (ReCOMMENDED rEADING)

between Imported machines’ “Variable Feed Rate” that use split pulleys and WOODMASTER’S “INFINITELY Variable Feed Rate”

Imported planers use SPLIT PULLEYS to achieve what they would have you believe is variable feed rate.

Low-cost, outdated, split pulley arrangements, where the pulley diameter is changed with a lever or dial, (that’s what you’ll find on nearly all imported planers) simply cannot give you the range of feed speeds necessary for fine cabinet work. They're limited to speeds between 17 and 26 feet per minute. That’s what cabinetmakers call fast and too fast!

You get only 42 to 102 cuts-per-inch...not the remarkable 70 to over 1,000 cuts-per-inch you can achieve with a Woodmaster! Not all import catalogs are clear about which planers have split pulley variable feed…but, if the feed motor is single speed, you can bet it uses some variation of a split pulley system.

You can pay TWICE THE PRICE of a Woodmaster for MUCH LESS PLANER!

Imported 20" and 24" planers with limited range variable feed (and, remember, these are planers molding, sanding or sawing) range in price from $3,769 to nearly $10,000. More than twice the price of a Woodmaster with true, infinitely variable feed! Want a larger, 25-inch planer with true, infinitely variable feed? Not available from Taiwan. 25” imports are limited to three fixed speeds. Only Woodmaster offers this size planer with true, infinitely variable feed!

Woodmaster gives you 10X MORE cuts-per-inch than ANY OTHER Molder or Planer — and THAT MEANS SATIN-SMOOTH FINISHES NO OTHER PLANER CAN MATCH.

Just a twist of the dial puts ten times as many cuts-per-inch at your fingertips as any other planer...from 70 to over 1,000 CPI. Woodmaster uses a separate, USA-made, heavy-duty gear motor with solid-state controls. No split pulleys here...this is the real deal…infinitely variable power feed!

You choose the exact feed rate you want you want — 0 to 23 feet per minute — and maintain constant speed and torque at any speed. You can sail through even the toughest oak at higher speeds, or slow it down for satin-smooth molding and those "hard-to-work" pieces like curly maple, knotty cedar, burls, knees and much more.

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Patented Morse-taper quick-change cutterhead!

Patented self-centering head makes changes fast & easy

The Woodmaster is 4 machines in 1. It can be set up as a molding machine, a heavy duty planer, a high-efficiency drum sander, or a gang rip saw. And you can change it from one function to any of the others in 5 minutes or less.

Woodmaster’s fast, easy tool changeovers save you time, money, and shop space. Now, one machine can give you all four of the shop machines woodworkers need most.

Self-centering Morse Taper Head

Woodmaster's Morse taper is a simple, highly repeatable mounting system that uses gradually tapered shanks and a matching cavity at each end of the planer head.

In metalworking, virtually all milling equipment, from the oldest, manual machines up to the most modern CNC machines, use tooling that relies on a tapered surface.  Woodmaster pioneered (and patented) the use of this same high-precision technology in planing and molding machines. 

To change functions, simply loosen and remove the tapers at each end of the planer head.  Then, using an accessory shaft in place of the planer head, you can mount pattern knife holders, or a sanding drum or multiple rip saw blades.  You can even use a pattern knife holder in combination with rip saw blades.


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Woodmaster's True Helical Spiral Head

Super-fine finishes fast!

Woodmaster's NEW spiral cutterhead represents the leading edge in planer technology.

Check these important advantages:

1) True Spiral Design produces ultra-smooth finish ...far superior to old-fashioned "stagger step" spiral heads.

2) Shear Action Carbide Inserts from highest-quality European tool steel...same inserts "big boys" use on industrial machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3) Reduces or eliminates Tear Out. Ideal for cross-grain, stringy or knotty material.

4) Like Getting 3 Sets of Knives FREE! Comes complete with carbide inserts already installed plus Torx head for your torque wrench and full instructions.

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NOW, Mold 3 Sides In 1 Pass!

Our patented, 3-Side Molding System is the high-production way to make flooring, paneling, log-cabin siding, crown, casing, tongue & groove, less than 1/3 the cost of other multi-side molders!

Adds two, 3.5HP Milwaukee Routers plus a Third Power Feed Roller!

Woodmaster's multi-side molding system gets you into serious flooring, paneling, or molding production for 1/3 the cost of comparable molder/shapers. Stock is power-fed past two powerful, inline, 3.5HP Milwaukee routers. You get it all: one pass, three sides, fast production, and big earnings. Easy, no-drill installation, full instructions. Routers warranted separately by manufacturer.

Comes complete:

• 2 Milwaukee 3.5HP Fixed Base Routers
• 1 set Carbide 3/4” T&G Router Bits
• Double Router Attachment
• Power Feed Roller Assembly
• Poly Bedboard
• 2 Poly-Faced Guide Rails
• 1 Double Router Laser-Cut Extension Table
• Instructional DVD

Available for ALL 3 Woodmaster Molder/Planers!


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Make High Dollar Moldings: Straight, Curved, Rope

Woodmaster's unique combination of variable feed rate and heavy industrial motors means it can do both delicate and rough work better than any other machine we know of. In highly-figured woods the variable feed allows you to get thousands of cuts per inch which means no tear out and smooth finishes. But when you really need to take off a lot of wood in a single pass, as you do with Log Cabin siding or deep Cove patterns, Woodmaster's powerful industrial motors and variable feed allow you to do this in a single pass, something that's simply impossible on competitive machines

Woodmaster can also make unique, high-dollar moldings like curved, elliptical and even rope molding. These specialty moldings bring a premium price and they're just one of the many ways a Woodmaster can save you money ... or make you money ... in the molding business.

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Woodmaster's Power Feed Rip Saw attachment lets you cut as many as 6  blanks in a single pass. Cut molding stock, survey stakes, tomato poles, or use it for any application where you have multiple pieces of the same size to cut. Power feed makes it easy, and the sawing operation stays completely covered for added safety. It's just another part of the Woodmaster Advantage

5 times FASTER than a table saw

Set up with a Gang Rip Saw Attachment, the Woodmaster Molder/Planer can handle as many as 5 carbide-tipped 5” blades. It’s easy to see why this is so much faster than a table saw: you set up the Woodmaster once and run as many IDENTICAL blanks as you need.

High production timesaver

If you run multiple, identical pieces, our Gang Rip Saw Attachment is a must-have. This is the perfect, high-production solution for making blanks for molding or picture frame stock. Woodworkers who’ve made a business out of cutting blanks for molding stock, facing frames, rail & stile work, survey stakes, garden stakes, or multiples of any other workpiece find it invaluable.

Far SAFER, too.

A table saw is a fine piece of equipment but the Woodmaster’s power feed gives it a distinct safety advantage because the blades are completely covered by the hood. Simply insert your workpiece and adjustable feed rollers take over, drawing your workpiece from infeed to outfeed.

is the secret
…and ONLY WOODMASTER has it!

WATCH Woodmaster Gang Rip Saw in action


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We’ve been in the power equipment business since 1929. That’s nearly five generations! We take a long view of the business and that translates to an unmatched commitment to our products and you, our customer.

When you buy a Woodmaster, you’re not just getting America’s best Molder/Planer. You’re getting our unconditional 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and our 5-Year Limited Warranty. And you get much more besides.

Woodmaster’s Solid Steel PROMISE OF SATISFACTION

5-Year Limited Warranty
The best in the business! Your Woodmaster equipment and all Woodmaster attachments have been carefully inspected at our factory. We will, at any time within five years from date of delivery, repair or replace (our option) any part which is defective in materials or workmanship.

5-Year Limited Warranty on 5HP and 7.5HP Motors
The same five-year warranty stated above also applies to our 5HP and 7.5HP motors. NO other manufacturer offers this important benefit!

60-Day NO RISK In-Shop Trial
You take no risk! When your equipment arrives, put it to work for two full months completely at our risk. Use it as much as you like. Make absolutely certain that it is everything you expected. If you are not entirely pleased and satisfied, simply notify us and return it freight prepaid for a full refund.

TOLL-FREE 1-800-821-6651 Factory-Direct Order Line
Phone toll-free to get a courteous and prompt answer to any questions you have about Woodmaster products, details on shipping dates, methods of payment, applying for Woodmaster’s Easy Payment Plan, and more.

Ask-an-Owner Program
Want to talk to a Woodmaster owner to learn what it’s really like to own one? Call toll free and we’ll give you names and numbers of Woodmaster owners near you. Talk to these craftsmen, perhaps even visit their shops, and you’ll get straight-forward, candid opinions about Woodmaster — the company and the equipment.




You Get Top Protection on the Machine
Many other companies warrant their machines for only 1 year. You get 5 TIMES the coverage with Woodmaster.

You Get Top Protection on the Motor
Some companies don’t warrant their motors at all and many that do cover them for only 1 year. Woodmaster’s motors are covered 5 times longer — just like the machine itself.

You Try it THEN Decide
You CANNOT lose here: try a Woodmaster in your own shop, on your projects, for two full months. Put it through its paces, really work it. Like it? Keep it. Don’t like it? Return it and we’ll issue you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

You Call us FREE
You get customer service that’s getting harder and harder to find these days. Please do use our Toll Free Factory Direct line now to order, and as long as you own your Woodmaster. We want to hear from you...anytime!

You Get Objective Opinions
The Woodmaster is an important investment. That’s why we offer to put you in touch with woodworkers who already own Woodmasters: so you can learn first-hand, from an objective woodworker what owning one could do for your business.


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