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Since 1980, over 125,000 American woodworkers have put their trust in Woodmaster. Here’s what some of them have to say…

“Big Shop Capabilities, Small Shop Space”
Expert woodworker and author Paul Mayer gives Woodmaster 718 his stamp of approval.  Click HERE to read his review and see his video of changeover to spiral cutterhead.

“I love making Curved Moldings!”

Craftsman Jake Gavorgian uses his Woodmaster to make one of the highest-value products on the market today: curved molding. A large piece of curved molding can literally pay for the entire machine. In a recent email Jake said, "It's absolutely my pleasure to work on curved moldings using the Woodmaster molder planer!"


“My Woodmaster does everything they say it will. I got a great value for my dollar. It’s heavy duty and makes me more self-sufficient. It runs great — precise as a Swiss watch. I get square cuts and perfectly flat wood. Run 10 boards and they’re all exactly the same.”

-- James Fote, Center Point TX


“You’re absolutely right about the Woodmaster making finished lumber cheaper than you can buy it. I buy unplane oak for $1.25 - $1.50 a board foot. I have a Woodmaster and I just love it.”

-- Fred Brunie, OH


“Because of all the wonderful things we can do with the Woodmaster, we started our own roundtop casing business which is in great demand. The machine is wonderful, but we couldn’t do any of this without the help of your men. Contractors want everything yesterday so when I call in an order, it’s always a rush. Nobody at Woodmaster has ever complained or been anything but wonderful and super friendly. Thank you!”

-- Tom & Dawn Collins, Collins Custom Arches, Wichita, KS


“Since getting my Woodmaster Molder/Planer, I’ve made four roll top desks, a dining room set with four chairs, countless cabinets, hundreds of picture frames, over 1,200 feet of molding for all purposes, and planed some 3,000 feet of rough oak and walnut without one single problem. I have run it more than six hours a day with excellent results. I use it to rip the 1/4” slats for rolltops, to plane wood as thin as 1/2” or less, to cut molding in 15 patterns, and much more. Probably the biggest time-saver is sanding finished pieces up to 18” wide before final assembly. In short, I love the tool and would not think of doing woodwork without it! Good products like yours deserve to be known.”

-- Melvin E. Hathaway, Colorado Springs, CO


“I am very pleased with your equipment. I’ve run thousands of board feet of lumber and have never had a problem. If all equipment was made as well as yours, our work in the field would be much easier. Your engineers and workers deserve a pat on the back. ”

-- Thomas C. Heikkinen, President, Chassell Carpentry & Woodwork, Inc., Chassell, MI


“I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the machine and the prompt service with knife orders.”

-- Gary Holtz, Peppermint Springs Furniture, Gays Mills, WI


“I own the 18” Woodmaster: what a machine! It lets me earn extra income and reduce down time in my general contracting business. Business is fantastic on both ends, milling trim and building homes. I run a lot of hardwood flooring for my jobs. The gang rip saw is so impressive on the rips of oak planks. I just set the width of the flooring and let the machine do the work!”

-- Curtis A. Kreitner, O’Fallon, IL


“I used to depend entirely on buying planed, finished, surfaced hardwood; whatever the lumberyard had. With my Woodmaster, I can machine wood up to 18” wide down to the thickness I need. I make my own moldings — it’s actually opened up a level of workmanship that I couldn’t achieve before.”

-- John Wilker, Huntington Beach, CA


“My Woodmaster paid for itself and then some in under two months! Once you’re familiar with it, the possibilities seem limited only by one’s imagination. I’m expanding my business from just furnishings and accessories to include moldings and custom millwork. I wouldn’t be taking this big jump if I wasn’t backed by professionals who know their product and offer quick and courteous service.”

-- Doug Smith, Rustic Innovations, Delaware, OH


“I can’t say enough about the Woodmaster Molder/Planer I bought. It is a masterpiece. The Quick Change Head is the best I’ve ever seen or used. It’s just as your video promises: whether you’re making molding, sanding, gang ripping, or just planing, it does a high quality job. You can use my statement any time: it’s the truth told by a Woodmaster user.”

-- Hugh J. Spires, Abbeville, SC


“I purchased a Woodmaster—it’s a giant 25” workhorse with variable feed rate which is wonderful. I’d recommend this machine to anyone. It is a rugged piece of equipment that’s built to last. I’m building a two-bedroom apartment and putting in variable size 3/4” walnut, cherry, and poplar on the interior walls, with poplar on the exterior walls. I’m very well pleased with this wonderful planer.”

-- Walt Zimmerman, Shelbyville, TN


I looked at Makita®, Ryobi®, and Craftsman® but I bought a Woodmaster. It’s a flexible, multi-purpose machine.Take it from a machinist: Woodmaster is made with craftsmanship.”

-- Gordon T. Libaugh, Lincoln, MI



“We purchased the Woodmaster to make doors. It’s a great machine! It does our work in half the time. Thanks!”

-- J. Vetter, Vetter’s Custom Cabinets, Hamilton, MT


"The Woodmaster is outstanding gear -- built as solid as America."
    H.E. Somplasky
"I bought my Woodmaster to make patterns, cabinetry, and furniture. I was skeptical at first, but the results are excellent. In a world of Toyotas, this is a Cadillac!"
    John D. Arlitt
"The Woodmaster is excellent, well built, heavy duty, handles hard oak with ease."
    Sam Hurley
"We make salable lumber and molding. We love the Woodmaster!"
    Robert & Francine Taylor
"I now have three Woodmasters, no problems."
    Charles Pearson
"This is a very well engineered machine. The planer gives a very smooth finish."
    Todger Morrow
"This is a beautiful and well-made piece of equipment."
    Albert L. Semole

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