Product Number: CK386V
Product Description: CK386V T&G KNIFE SET 1/2" V-TOP
Tongue and groove (sometimes called T&G) is a method of fitting similar objects together, edge to edge, used mainly with wood, flooring, siding, paneling, etc. Before plywood became more common, tongue and groove boards were also used for sheathing buildings and to construct concrete formwork.

Woodmaster T&G Knives are furnished as a two knife set, including the Tongue and the Groove knife. They are also supplied with the proper balance gibs and weights necessary to run the knife in the head of your choice. Like other Woodmaster profile knives they are manufactured to industry standards from 5/16-inch thick, M-2 High Speed Tool Steel.

To speed up the process of making T&G stock, woodworkers usually mount both the Tongue and the Grove Knife in the planer head and run the two knives in tandem.

When making T&G, optional Fluted Relief Knives are used to create a better fit over irregular surfaces. Relief also helps prevent cupping before and after installation.

The rule of thumb for sizing back relief knives for tongue & groove molding and flooring is to leave at least ¾-inch or slightly more at each end of the board. Normal procedure is to relieve the stock, groove the stock next, then complete the process by running the tongue.


When ordering knives use the comment area provided to tell us the head you intend to mount the knife in. If you are using a machine other than a Woodmaster tell us what machine you have.

Knifes can be used :

In Planer Head
In 700S2 New High Production 2-Knife Molding Head
In 700C Single knife Holder
In Belsaw, RBI, Grizzly, Jet and William & Hussey machines. Please specify.
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