Woodmaster Model 725 - 25-INCH PLANER  --                                  When nothing but the BEST will do!


When you’ll settle for nothing but the biggest & best

That’s why we build the Woodmaster 725. It cuts OVER 2 FEET WIDE giving you all the space you need for cabinet doors, table tops, high-value wide boards, multiple lengths of molding at the same time, and more. 

Because it’s a genuine WOODMASTER, you get…

• Full, 4-in-1 capability: molder, planer, sander, saw
• 2 motors: one powers the cutterhead, the second drives the power feed
• True, Infinitely variable power feed (0 to 34 fpm) for 70 to over 1,000 cuts per inch
• Patented, quick-change Morse Taper cutterhead
• Heavy-duty, lubricable 1-1/2” bearings
• Massive cast iron bearing housings
• Precision-milled cast-iron bed
• Made with pride in the USA
• 60-day Money Back Trial Offer
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Because it’s the Model 725, you get…

• Our BIGGEST machine
• 25” cutting capacity
• 7-1/2HP cutterhead motor
• 1/2HP feed motor
• Feed Rate --  0 – 34’ per minute (from 70 to over 1,000  cuts-per-inch)
• 580 lbs. of vibration-dampening cast iron and steel (613 lbs. with Pro Pack)
• 2 non-marking industrial rubber feed rollers

WHO CHOOSES the 725?
• Woodworkers who want the biggest & best
• Professional woodworkers
• High-production wood shops

  Comes FULLY EQUIPPED for Planing

• Patented Morse-Taper Planer Head
• Steel Extension Tables
• Steel Stand
• Dust Chute with 4" Port
• Super-Slick, 42-1/2" Polypropylene Bedboard With Guide Rails
• Operator’s Video
• Knife Set Gauge
• Complete set-up and operations manual plus DVD
• Three 25-1/8” High Speed Steel Planer Blades

                        ADD A PRO PACK!
Take Your Woodworking To The Next Level!
SAVE over 33%!

These accessories let you set up your Woodmaster as a molding machine, drum sander or power feed, gang rip saw.  We've "bundled" everything you need (plus important extras) into our Pro Pack.  You save over 33%!


Accessory Shaft for Molding, Sanding, Sawing
Molding Knife Holder For Knives Up To 3-1/4"
Drum Sanding Kit with Belt, Pulley, Sandpaper
• 2 Rip Saw Kits with Carbide Tipped 5-1/2” Blades
24-Page Molding Business Guide
116-Page Molding Knife Pattern Book
“How to Make Curved Molding” DVD

Add our NEWEST ACCESSORIES for premier performance

Spiral Cutterhead
*Shape 3 Sides per pass with 3-Side Molding System
* Two-Knife Molding Cutterhead
* Self-Leveling Extension Tables

Planer Specifications



We asked John Donovan, of Portland ME,

“The 725 is a workhorse & precision made at that.”

“When I saw ads that said the Woodmaster would do four functions, it got my curiosity.  I make coffee tables and end tables of exotic woods and the Woodmaster 725 is giving me a business that is unique in all the world. It started as a hobby and now I’m running a full time business – I’m the only one in the world who’s doing this with exotic woods.

Once a hobby, now a high profit full time business

My exotic wood panels retail for $1,195. I can get $2,000 to $3,000 out West where they love the colors. My tables are heirlooms and people will pay for something like that. I’m getting into production but keeping the handcrafted element. I should be putting out a couple hundred tabletops a month. I’ve sent 7,500 board feet of exotic hardwoods through my Woodmaster 725. This is a great machine. I like it for gang rip sawing. I take 1-1/2” strips of wood and cut them in half and get two pieces for the price of one. That’s a place Woodmaster really saves me money. My experience with the Woodmaster 725 has been exhilarating. It's a workhorse, and precision-made at that.”

John Donovan, Portland ME

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