Woodmaster Model 712
America’s top-performing 12” molder/planer

More flexibility, more earning power than any other 12-inch molder/planer!

There are plenty of 12-inch planers out there but only one 12-inch Woodmaster. Our 712 has the engineering, mass, and US-made power to handle 4 essential woodworking functions: planing, molding, sanding, and sawing. 

Proud Woodmaster heritage in an affordable package.

If you’re working on a small scale…have a small shop…or a small budget, the 712 is your best choice. It’s the high-precision, high-performance secret weapon of discriminating home woodworkers — a true pro machine at an affordable price.

Because it’s a genuine WOODMASTER, you get…

• Full, 4-in-1 capability: molder, planer, sander, saw
• 2 motors: one powers the cutterhead, the second drives the power feed
• Infinitely variable power feed for 70 to over 1,000 cuts per inch
• Patented, quick-change Morse Taper cutterhead
• Heavy-duty, lubricable 1-1/2” bearings
• Massive cast iron bearing housings
• Precision-milled cast-iron bed
• 60-day Money Back Trial Offer
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Because it’s the Model 712, you get…

• A genuine Woodmaster at our lowest price
• 12-1/2” cutting capacity
• 5HP cutterhead motor
• 1/6HP infinitely variable feed motor
• Cuts 0 – 16’ per minute with variable feed
• 300 lbs. of vibration-dampening cast iron and steel (360 lbs. with Pro Pack)
• 2 non-marking industrial rubber feed rollers
• Better performance than any other 12” molder/planer

WHO CHOOSES the 712?
• Hobby & weekend woodworkers
• The small-shop woodworker
• The “occasional” woodworker who demands the best
• Budget-minded woodworkers who know good equipment pays for itself


Comes FULLY EQUIPPED for Planing

• Patented Morse-Taper Planer Head
• Steel Extension Tables
• Steel Stand
• Heavy-Gauge Steel Dust Chute With 4" Port
• Super-Slick Polypropylene Bedboard With Guide Rails
• Operator’s Video
• Knife Set Gauge
• 3 Each 12-1/2” High Speed Steel Planer Knives

Add a PRO PACK for Molding, Sanding & Sawing
Accessory Shaft for Molding, Sanding, Sawing
Molding Knife Holder
Drum Sanding Kit with Belt, Pulley, Sandpaper
• 2 Rip Saw Kits with Carbide Tipped 5-1/2” Blades
24-Page Molding Business Guide
116-Page Molding Knife Pattern Book
“How to Make Curved Molding” DVD
Complete set-up and operations manual plus DVD

Add our NEWEST ACCESSORIES for premier performance

• 2-Knife Molding Cutterhead

Shape 3 Sides per pass with 3-Side Molding System



We asked Don Graham,
of Ballwin MS,


“It couldn’t be done without my Woodmaster 712.”

“Recently, I helped a homeowner out of a bind. She couldn’t sell her house until the siding was fixed and she’d been looking for the right siding for 6 months. Woodmaster made me a custom profile knife in 3 days. A week and a half later, I’d made 260’ of matching siding and the job was done. The house sold a week later. She was more than lucky I have a Woodmaster because, without it, it couldn’t have been done.”

“Paid for itself in 18 months.”

"My Woodmaster 712 does a wonderful job. I’ve never been dissatisfied with anything I’ve done on it. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things I do to make money. It paid for itself in 18 months. When I got it, I started meeting quite a few contractors who really added to my business. I use it mostly for making profile moldings and it does a wonderful job on everything I’ve used it for.”

Don Graham, Classic Moldings, Ballwin MS

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